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Oven Control Systems

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GMR Design Inc capabilities include providing new thermoforming machine control and oven control systems.  We have had success in the thermoforming industry improving productivity and decreasing operating costs through power consumption reductions.

We have produced many systems to upgrade original oven heat control systems to a more efficient precise heat control.  Your older thermoforming machine control system can be easily upgraded to today’s technology and integrated with more efficient oven controls.

There are GMR systems in operation in various thermoforming industries, including both plastics and fiber applications.Specialized heater controls provide a user friendly interface and customized designs when necessary. Whether this is an older gas controlled oven or a Style Control System (SSR) , we can improve the overall energy efficiency and reduce operating costs.

Our oven control systems provide increased performance and more precise temperature control which will reduce operating costs while increasing productivity by lowering scrap.

oven control panel build Upgrades to existing machines include HMI upgrades, recipe storage, and special applications to integrate seamlessly to existing machine Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) control systems.Each process is different, so flexibility is important to us and we can provide that service.There are several different styles of control systems available depending on the application. From 1kW to 1MW, we have a solution for controls, ovens, and complete control upgrades of equipment.

GMR manufactures new ovens utilizing the industry best oven control systems technology available.  Each oven design is customized to each customer’s specific application.  We welcome the opportunity to study your application and give our recommendation for improvements to your process using GMR manufactured systems.  We also specialize in auxiliary equipment upgrades such as transfer tables, oven frame lifts, machine rebuilds, and other thermoforming equipment.  Contact us to learn more of our capabilities related to Ovens and Auxillary Equipment