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Casting Degating Saw

Casting Degating saws allow for the separation of castings and removal of risers and sprues once the casting is molded.  Optional with chip conveyor or without chip conveyor.  Either manual loaded or robotically loaded, with safety features that include light curtains, safety door and safety controls.

 casting degating saw  Controll Arm Degating Cell complete with enclosure, input/output fixture.  Also includes circular saw, band saw, robot with end of arm tool (EOAT), chip conveyor, blade and lube system and master control panel.
 saw cell  Part of a totally integrated robotic cell this is a four spindle control arm degating saw complete with:

  • Trimpress, saw and Robot with EOAT
  • Operator Station, Safety Fence, chip conveyor and master control panel

The average cycle time is 25 seconds.

 front & rear knuckle saw  Sprue and riser knuckle casting degating saw cell with chip conveyor, seperator and safety light curtain.  Roll over fixture to allow for multiple casting configurations.  Approx cycle time is around 25 seconds.