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GMR Design Inc has the capacity to engineer and build a wide variety of specialty equipment, focusing primarily in the steel and aluminum foundry industry. Our greatest area of expertise is in permanent and semi-permanent mold casting equipment and automated systems for aluminum automotive components such as steering knuckles, intake manifolds, front cross members, wheels and cylinder heads. GMR Design Inc also provides casting finishing equipment both stand-alone machines and robotic cells.

GMR Design Inc Permanent and Semi-Permanent Aluminum Casting Equipment

  • Gravity/Tilt/Reverse Tilt Casting Machines
  • Low Pressure Permanent Mold Machines
  • Cylinder Head Casting Benches
  • Multi Station High Production Turntables
  • Casting Finishing Equipment (Saws & Trim Presses)
  • Quench Tanks
  • Custom Equipment
  • Material Handling Equipment
  • Re-manufacturing Services For All Types Of Equipment
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GMR Design Inc also has expertise in the design and building of Thermal Forming equipment and engineering and building custom electrical panels to fit your needs.  Give us a call at (989) 873-2560 or fax us at (989) 873-2561.  Thanks and have a wonderful day!

GMR Design Inc Major Projects:

  • Three (3) Robotic Aluminum Casting Finishing Cells featuring multiple spindle automatic cut-off saws, robotic end of arm tooling, load table, safety fencing, installation, robotic programming and start-up on customer’s floor.
  • Upgrade two (2) High Production Turntables with new GMR Design Inc tilt-pour and rebuilt Hall tilt pour machines including integration with pouring system, start-up and run-off on customer’s floor.
  • Complete installation & start-up  of two (2) Loramendi Core Making Cells with new Mezzanine.
  • Custom design and build of a Dual Ladle Preheat System integrated with robotic ladle for pouring aluminum cylinder heads.
  • Custom design and build of Aluminum buffer and Core Racks.
  • Design, build and install various Stand Alone Aluminum Cut-off Saws.
  • Rebuild and upgrade numerous Permanent/Semi-permanent Mold Tilt and Reverse Tilt Pour Machines.
  • Complete design and build, including controls for two Rotary Tables each with eight Tilt Pour Machines on each table.